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The Social Amoebas Comparative Genome Browser is aimed at the presentation and analysis of genomic data from social amoebas with an emphasis on genome comparison.


SACGB offers two basic access modes via either Genomes or Methods.
  D. fasciculatum
Genomes includedAccess #, Size
(chromosomes only)
Genomic elementsCenterReference
Dictyostelium discoideum AX4, AX4CM000150.2, 4.92 Mbp, chromosome 1
CM000151.3, 8.48 Mbp, chromosome 2
CM000152.2, 6.36 Mbp, chromosome 3
CM000153.2, 5.45 Mbp, chromosome 4
CM000154.2, 5.13 Mbp, chromosome 5
CM000155.2, 3.60 Mbp, chromosome 6
6 chromosome(s)FLI Jena / GermanyFey et al., 2009
Dictyostelium fasciculatum, SH3ADHC00000000.1
25 segment(s)FLI Jena / GermanyHeidel et al., 2011
Dictyostelium lacteum54 segment(s)FLI Jena / GermanyHeidel et al., 2011
Polysphondylium pallidum, PN500ADBJ00000000.1
63 segment(s)FLI Jena / GermanyHeidel et al., 2011

The analysis of the genomes of D. fasciculatum and P. pallidum was published in:

Heidel, A.J., Lawal H.M., Felder M., Schilde C., Helps N.R., Tunggal B., Rivero F., John U., Schleicher M., Eichinger L., Platzer M., Noegel A.A., Schaap P., Glöckner G. (2011): Phylogeny-wide analysis of social amoeba genomes highlights ancient origins for complex intercellular communication.
Genome Research 21(11):1882-91

Please cite this work if you make use of the database content.


The GenColors-based Social Amoebas Comparative Genome Browser (SACGB) was published in:

Felder M., Romualdi A., Petzold A., Platzer M., Sühnel J., Glöckner G. (2013): GenColors-based comparative genome databases for small eukaryotic genomes.
Nucleic Acids Res. 41(D1):D692-99

The Genome sequencing projects were funded by the DFG (Gl235/1-1/2) and the BBSRC.